This is where I share my own artwork and sketches. You'll see lots of animal drawings and anatomy studies, also beasts and creatures!

Some unrefined sketches done yesterday. Above is a random beasty birb and below are my ocs’ floating heads.

Some of my dragons on Flight Rising. These specific portraits are for my own personal use and are not to be used by anyone but me. But, If anyone is interested in helping me pay for school I’ll be taking commissions for portraits like these for cheep! 5.00-8.00 USD!

Paypal Only

Please message me if you are interested!

A Flight Rising commission for
of their imperial Riddick!

A Flight Rising commission for


of their imperial Riddick!

To new followers

My part of a trade with Ametat of flight Rising!
This is Ametat’s Pearlcatcher Bloodwing.
Drew my Ridgeback Veles on Flightrising! She’s simple but oh so pretty!
yisssss… pretty ugly mouth
A baby strider creature curled up.

Commissions Open

Hello Everyone! I want you all to know that I am opening art commissions for those interested in a one-of-a-kind piece! Please message me if you would like an oil painting, digital painting, digital drawing/sketch, or a pencil drawing/sketch. Original characters, fanart, animals, fantasy, horror, anthros, people, and landscapes are all ok subjects.

Prices can range from 5.00 to 50.00 UDS depending on size, medium, and complexity of your piece.
Let me know if you are interested!

Artist asks

Saw this from Proteesiukkonen, and I thought why not. send me a number.


Take a picture of your workspace.


Show your pencilcase and what's inside.


Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a "doodle" it is.


Lineart or coloring?


Who/what inspires you?


Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.


Redraw one favorite piece of art by other (internet/tumblr) artist.


Do you have any OCs?


Draw a gijinka of your blog.


Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?


Favorite thing to draw?


Least favorite thing to draw?


Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.

15. Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?

eye practice
Some toothy animals!


I noticed there wasn’t a lot of recognition for misophonia so I made a comic (sorry for the quality!). Misophonia is greatly varied and this barely brushes the surface of this broad disorder. I know I kept this brief and broad, so if you want to add anything please put it in the comments! If you have any questions about it feel free to message me or visit the misophonia tag here on tumblr. If you want to learn more or think that you may have misophonia, check out  http://misophoniasupport.tumblr.com/ and http://www.misophonia-uk.org/faqs.html 

I am so happy to know that this affliction is real and I’m not just a weirdo!

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I got a book on Copic marker techniques and, while I am currently still saving up for some, I used my old funky markers to draw this happy little shiba! (courtesy of this post~ http://kanikanikegani.tumblr.com/post/71926896995/2013)